Thursday, November 10, 2011

Thursday Thoughts 11/10/11

  • Tomorrow is my knee surgery...wish me luck!
  • Mammogram came back no cancer. Yea.
  • Problem is that the saroma is back.
  • WTH
  • Didn't I have surgery in March to combat that?
  • Whatever.
  • I always say don't stress over the things you have no control over.
  • I love Burn Notice.
  • WTH
  • The Duggars are expecting their 20th child.
  • I'm surprised it doesn't just fall right out.
  • What is holding in?
  • You know what I mean.
  • I took my machine in to have it serviced since I won't be doing any sewing for a while.
  • Although they know I bought it there, they won't service it under the warranty because I didn't have my receipt with me.
  • That's a bunch of crap.
  • Got home and couldn't find the receipt.
  • I found the receipt for two machines I bought in the early '80s but not for the one I bought last year.
  • Oh hell.
  • I'll keep you all posted.


  1. Praying for a successful surgery and speedy recovery. I hope you find your receipt. Wish the store didn't have to be such sticklers about it.

  2. Sending you successful surgery and speedy recovery prayers.

  3. Great news about the mammogram results - the rest well you will get through it, I will keep you in my thoughts.

  4. Good luck with your surgery. The mammogram results are more important than that silly receipt. Doesn't the store keep records?

  5. Will be really glad when its over and done with and you have fully recovered. I want you felling much better!

  6. I pray you have a full recovery.

  7. Praying for your speedy recovery. I am glad to hear about your mammogram results. Our KMQ is one tough and beautiful cookie!

  8. I will be praying for you,I know everything well go well. Thank you so much for the card, I love it.

  9. So happy to hear there's no cancer! And wishing you fast healing from your surgery.

  10. Good luck! And why doesn't the sewing machine store have your records in their records? They ought to have it all in the computer. That's just good customer service.