Monday, January 24, 2011

Pants Refashion

Right before I began my quest to lose some weight I made what I thought was a fantastic pair of slacks. I never could get the back crotch fitted so I never wore them. Fast forward six months and 20+ lbs lost and the back crotch did even almost fit. The fabric is a tropical weight menswear fabric that I just can't give up on. Today I decided to use my TNT Painter's Tape Pattern to refashion. I took all the seams apart and the front crotch curve. I also took the waist band off but left the fly front zipper intact. I even too the darts out.

After I pressed all the seams open, I laid my pattern on top of the pieces and recut them.

I probably won't reuse the waistband because I have several yards of the fabric left and will just cut new pieces. I sure hope this works! Wish me luck. I'll leave you all a picture of my mother who turned 77 last week. She still looks fantastic. Hope I will when I'm her age.


  1. Your Mom looks fantastic, you've got good genes. I'm sure your pants will turn out great.

  2. What a beautiful Mother, I'm sure you'll look great at 77 too.

  3. Your Mom is beautiful. Good luck with the pants.

  4. Lovely mother! You know what they say..."like mother, like daughter"! I'm sure you'll be just as lovely!

    I must have missed a post about the "painters tape pattern" because I don't have a clue :(. I'm going to search your blog until I find the original post. Good luck on your refasion and let us know how it works out.

  5. Your mom is beautiful. Praise God.