Monday, January 10, 2011

Monday Musings

I finally finished the New Look 6407 blouse. I don't have a clue why it took me more than three weeks to finish. On the other hand I do. First I barely had enough fabric. Second the fabric was a total pain. It raveled like crazy.

The pattern ran extremely small. I cut out a size 22 and thought I would have to take huge side seams...Nope. As a matter of fact it was tighter than I wanted and I wound up removing the back darts. The sleeves are too tight especially in the forearm.

But I absolutely love the fabric print. I'll use this pattern again but believe me I will make some adjustments.

You can read my full review at Pattern Review

Another reason it took me so long is I'm on crutches! Too much step aerobics and bowling and my left knee just couldn't take it anymore. I can't put any weight on my left leg. I had an MRI last week but don't have the results yet. I'm hoping for the best. The final reason it took me so long to finish is that I've absolutely fallen in love with cardmaking. Here's a couple of the cards I've made.


  1. I've made that pattern 3 times already, and I can't get it to fit no matter what I do. I think I might give it one more go since i'm a little more expierenced now, but i'm almost ready to give up on this pattern.

  2. Despite your problems with this pattern, the blouse is very pretty. You're correct, I love the fabric too!!

  3. Beautiful blouse! And I like the fabric as well! Hope you get off crutches.

  4. That fabric, although very pretty, looks like a very tight weave. There should be a creative way to fix the tight sleeve problem, making it more comfortable. Hope your knee gets feeling better soon. Enjoy your card making!

  5. Love the fabric choice. I hope your knee feels better soon.

  6. The blouse is really cute and I love the fabric. And what's this with cardmaking - first Sheila and now you! Hope your knee is doing better soon!!!

  7. So sorry about your injury. I hope it is something simple for the doctors to fix!
    The blouse is so pretty. Just don't flex your muscles and the tight sleeve won't matter. lol
    Great cards!!!!

  8. That blouse is beautiful, love, love, love the fabric. What a terrible time to be on crutches I wish you a speedy recovery.