Saturday, October 30, 2010

Has it been two weeks?

I can't believe it has been two weeks since I last posted. The LBD contest is over and although I didn't win I did get a great dress out of it. I'm still losing weight but the my duct tape dressform hasn't lost an ounce. The LBD wouldn't fit no matter how much I tried to stretch it onto her so dressform surgery was in order.

She had already suffered an amputation as a result of a sewing room accident but this surgery required much more finesse.

Instead of just whacking off her arm, I had to remove the tape that was holding her together down the center back. Then removed some of her padding.

With the husband's help we overlapped her center back more and taped her back together. The surgery only took about 20 minutes and was for the most part successful.

There was some minor complaining about the non-matching duct tape but then again the cover will rectify that.

 The cover also had to be taken in. Hot water laundering it didn't work!

Here she is styling my LBD. Her boobs are bigger than mine but only so much surgery can be done in one day! After another 10 lbs. I hope to talk the husband into making a new dressform from scratch! 


  1. That's what's up. I know it feels great to have to do this.

    You have the best dressforms I've seen. Really like how precise you've made it. Well done you!

    By the way, thanks for leaving encouraging and FUNNY comments for me. Love it!

  2. Glad you were able to do a little surgery and be able to use your dress form for a bit yet...hopefully you will have a chance to get a new one made soon.

  3. love the LBD! I really need a dress form, but I can't imagine my husband helping me make one.

  4. That is something I need to make!
    Sorry you didn't win the LBD but like you said you got a great dress out of it.
    My kids was laughing at me when I came home and told them I had meet one of my blogger friends!! I guess they could see the excitement in my voice LOL!We will have to get together soon! :)

  5. I have a dress form but I rarely use it. I don't know why! Yours look very good! Btw, you have a very helpful husband! Take care dear!

  6. Great way to salvage your dress form. I am sorry your LBD did not win. Your review of the dress on PR truly helped me to get my Kay Unger dress "do over" to fit better. So glad you posted your FBA steps.

  7. Regardless, your LBD was lovely, you looked great and I enjoyed voting for ya! Nice lipo job on your dressform:)

  8. Too funny! If only we could lose weight that fast!!! I love the dress, nice job!