Monday, March 1, 2010

McCalls 6035 -- Part II

Picking up where I left off last...

How did I manage to burn a hole in my ironing board cover?

 I've been using this Hashima gavity-fed iron off and on for about 20 years. I've never had any problems with it and love it to death.

 My ironing board is a Pfaff vacuum board that I've had about 12 years. It's just in the past year that I've started using it exclusively. Most of the time I don't use it's vacuum capabilities but it's sturdy as all heck. I always turn it on the lowest possible setting that will still produce steam. I couldn't possibly continue work on my blouse using such a foul looking cover. I had to wait until the next day to go to the fabric store and pick out just the right fabric. In the mean time I stripped down the board and removed the offending cover and wouldn't you know...

the padding was attached and with a serger!


After removing all of the stitching, I was able to release the cover and use the padding as a pattern for the new cover.

I added a casing and some elastic and voila.

I bought about 10 yards total...with a JoAnns coupon. I've since made curtains to cover the doorway of the fabric closet. The remaining fabric is to make covers for my sewing machines and the one knitting machine I have up. Or at least I'll drape the fabric over my machines in case the covers never get made!


  1. What a bright and pretty piece of fabric! Dont you hate when they actually attach things together especially when you need to take them apart. If you never had to redo that ironing board cover it probably would have fallen apart on its own but because you needed to it of course was sewn down really well.

  2. Wow, been using one iron for about 20 years? now, that the kind of ironI That fabric is beautiful..good job

  3. That is a neat idea and the fabric is funky cool.

  4. Excellent! I've been making my ironing board covers for years. They last longer than store-bought. I usually make 2 at a time, so when one needs washing, I have a spare to put on.

  5. I've never made an ironing board cover. Hmmmmmm lol Yours looks great!

  6. Very nice! That must have been frustrating having to pick out all the serging, though!!