Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Intransit...100th post giveaway

I can't believe that it has been two weeks since my last post. My recent marriage has thrown a wrench in my sewing. I'm trying to spend more time at my future residence but that means no sewing because all of my sewing machines are at my old residence. Over the weekend I hope to be able to move some of my sewing stuff. I have managed to get one Burda magazine pattern traced and the Jalie jeans pattern. I've decided I don't like tracing patterns and unless these two wind up being absolutely amazing, I probably won't be tracing many more.
It's hard to believe this is my 100th post! I'm planning a giveaway in the near future. I'm not announcing what it will be for at least a week because if everything works out like I want, I might have two instead of one. Stay tuned. I will say that you have to be a follower and leave at least one comment on or before October 9th to qualify. The give away is a sewing related item or items that we can all use and can never have enough of!
Over the weekend I attended and worked at the American Sewing Expo which is run by Janet Pray and is the largest independent sewing expo in the country. I've attended the expo every year for eons and can say that the best part was the Pattern Review booth and Friday night get together. Deepika is so friendly and I got to meet Rocketboy (Brian) and PeterNYC (Peter)and Kenneth King. Of course I bought stuff! I bought my giveaway items, a catcher for my serger, fabric (of course), some embroidery designs, a DVD, and a few buttons. I sat in on some fitting classes and was somewhat disappointed that one demonstrator totally trashed another demonstrators method. I think when you're good at something, you don't have to trash someone else to make yourself look good. I also don't like it when a demonstrator's answer is "it's in my book."
Enough for now. Don't forget to follow and leave a comment by October 9th to qualify for the 100th post giveaway.


  1. I certainly agree. If you are good, you are good. You don't become good by trashing someone else.

  2. Well some people have to put other people down to make them feel good. Thats sad! :(
    Wow one day I am going to have to make it to one of those sewing expo.

  3. Sorry I missed the expo, maybe next year.

  4. That was a great expo and disheartened that a demonstrator would stoop that low... its so unprofessional.

    I hate tracing, which is one of the reasons I have not done a burda pattern yet.

  5. That sewing expo sounds like a lot of fun - how I wish I wasn't several thousand miles away, I'd have loved to have been there! Good luck with moving all your sewing stuff.

  6. Wish I had seen you at the Expo. I was there Saturday. I was disappointed in it this year and said so on my blog. It was the same old tired things that I see there every year.

  7. Glad you had a good shopping time at the Expo! I'm a follower, and here's my post before Oct. 9th.

  8. How crazy is that?!!! Well, not really crazy at all. People love to feel better by putting someone else down. If your method is so wonderful, it should speak for itself....and as far as "it's in the book" goes, what the hello-ouis are you presenting if all we need to do is spend money on your book. lol. Complete TURN Off.

    I say that you should try to get into the pattern tracing thing. I think it's worth the trouble for the Burda patterns.

    I've been following you forever, without being an actual follower - glad you have this contest to put my butt in gear. lol.

  9. When I add the two comments together, I think I know who you mean. It's not a pleasant class at all. I won't be attending another.

    I'm glad you're enjoying married life. Are turning your former residence into a studio?? VBG

  10. I'm hearing great things about the expo. It is a shame that a demonstrator did something like that. It never ceases to amaze me.

    I love BWOF. I've only made one top so far, but hope to make more garments in the future. I always get intimidated looking at it all.

    I love reading your blog and hope it's around for a long time to come.

  11. I am new to your site and arrived because I was interested in your McCalls 5471 blouse. You do beautiful work and have inspired me to buy that pattern. I am looking forward to reading more on your blog. I am also interested in your 100th post! Congratulations!