Monday, April 6, 2009

There is a method to my madness

Well only 2 days of sewing left before surgery so I've got to make the most of it. Laundry is all done and house is clean.

The project I was going to work on with the polyester shantaung and the silk skirt redo got shelved because after I made the pretest garment I didn't think the jacket is quite what I wanted for the skirt. The value of a pretest can NEVER be discounted! I decided to use some Walmart polyester suiting from my stash instead. Yesterday I cut out the jacket and my TNT slacks pattern. As my time is limited, I pulled out all the stops. Remember this?

I've had it forever. I bought it brand new at a place called the Goodie Barn. They sold some of everything. I think they bought and sold manufacturer's castoffs. I was there looking for a cheap laundry tub and fireplace screen. I did find the fireplace screen but I also found this little beauty. It's great for fusing interfacing and the price was right...$25. Although it was about 20 years ago I still remember the feeling of having hit the lottery! It sure made fusing all the interfacing a breeze. So after cutting, marking and fusing the necessary pieces I moved on to the sewing machine. These are the steps I plan to follow:
  1. Sew all darts

  2. Sew all seams that don't cross other seams

  3. Press all seams seams opens and darts flat in proper direction

  4. Serge all visible seams

  5. Insert zipper

  6. Sew side seams of jacket

  7. Sew collar and lapel

  8. Press side seams and lapel

  9. Insert sleeves

  10. Sew waistband and press

  11. Mark and hem jacket, sleeves, and pant legs (by machine invisible hem)

  12. Final pressing

I'll post photos tomorrow. Wish me luck!


  1. I've been following your blog and I must say that you will be in my prayers as you go through your surgery. I pray for a speedy recovery.
    Joyce in NC

  2. How smart to list the steps so you can see exactly what's left to do. Again, I'll be thinking about you on Thursday. Another friend is having surgery the same day, so I'll do lots of praying on that day.

  3. Girl you are on a roll and a good one at that. That is a nifty presser. I guess you are using it for block fusing am I correct? I'm still praying too.

  4. Wow, you are on a roll. You go girl!! I like your presser, since it make fusing a snap I know you're glad to get such a bargin. You are continually in my prayers, I look forward to your good report.

  5. LOVE your presser... I'm a nut for all things elna :)

    Good luck with the suit!

  6. Nothing beats fusing with a clam press. Much speedier than with an iron. Plus, you can get a really sharp crease in pants with that machine.

    I wish you all good things.

  7. You will be in my thoughts and prayers tomorrow!