Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Surgery rescheduled and embroidery

I went for the pre-admission testing today and the surgery is rescheduled forThursday, April 16th. While I certainly try not to complain about it, I haven't really felt like myself since early November. Since then I always seem to be tired and have a low-grade fever. While most of the doctors say that Stage I cancer doesn't have any symptoms, last week my primary care physician said that the fever is probably caused by the cancer. The fever gets increasingly annoying and debilitating. Last weekend I just couldn't take it anymore and after a really difficult Saturday, on Sunday I took a total of 8 aspirin--2 every four hours. At pre-admission I mentioned that I don't normally take aspirin but that I had taken quite a few since Sunday. Well that was an absolutely no-no. It seems that aspirin thins the blood and should never be taken be prior to surgery. Yikes! I guess they should have told me that when they first scheduled the surgery! So it's off until next week. I'm disappointed because I had prepared myself for it to all be over and done with tomorrow. Oh well, guess I get another week of sewing pleasure.

I haven't quite finished V8133 because I got a little sidetracked. I decided I wanted to add some embroidery to the jacket. With my embroidery software, I created an embroidered label. I added a back facing to the jacket and embroidered the label on it. What do you think?

For the jacket lapel I used a design that I downloaded from the Threads website a few years ago.

I'm also addding faux pocket flaps accented with the same design.

The jacket just needs the flaps finished and attached, sleeves inserted and hems finished. Slacks need waistband, hem and a minor crotch adjustment. Since I thought I would be laid up for Easter I didn't actually make anything special so this outfit will do nicely.

Thanks for your prayers and say some for next week.


  1. That label is awesome!! The embroidery on the jacket is right on!!
    I hate that your surgery has been rescheduled. I know you weren't looking forward to it, just to it being over!!! They should tell you things like, "Don't take aspirin." For Heaven's Sake!!!

  2. Continued prayer for you is not a problem! Now about the embroidery - I am trying not to be jealous. What type of machine do you have? An embroidery machine is on my "one day" list.

  3. I'm sorry you have to again, wait. I'm sure all this waiting is causing anxiety. They should have told you not to take aspirin.

    Love your label. I really like tone on tone embroidery. Very nice.

    More best wishes.

  4. The label is really cool and you will be in my prayers. Can't wait to see the finished jacket.

  5. Remember everything happens for a reason. With GOD's intervention you never know the outcome. You have an awesome prayer team behind you:) The embrodery is great and the jacket is looking good.

  6. Faye I have a stand-alone embroidery machine with a 4x4" field. It's a Brother PE200 and I've had it about 11 years. My other machine is a combo machine, the Brother ULT2001 and I've had it since 2002. It sews and embroiders. I think the field is 7x10". I rarely use it for embroidery although I did for part of this project because the PE200 started going haywire after I sewed the label. I had already decided to use my backup machine for the month of April so the ULT was readily available. For the kinds of embroidery I like to do the 4x4 field is more than adequate. Using my backup machine is not as noble as it sounds. Since I'll be laid up for part of the month it won't be that much of a sacrifice. Since I've been using it for my latest project, I realize it's not so bad after.

  7. Sorry to hear about the schedule change. They should have told you what to do and NOT to do before surgery.

    Your embroidery is gorgeous!

  8. Hope things go well for you in surgery. I love the embroidery on your jacket. Take care.