Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Appleton #3

I told you'd there'd be more Appleton's to come. This is number three. It's fresh off of the sewing machine. I had to get a little creative with some of the pieces as I didn't really have enough fabric. I had to piece the ties together but intentionally cut the neck and front bands on the crossgrain. I also added sleeves bands that were cut on the crossgrain as well.

The photo on the right is more the true color. This fabric is from JoAnn's and has been maturing in the stash for a while! While the fit is fabulous, I'm not loving it right now because it's really giving me a "bathrobe" vibe. Maybe hair and makeup will make me feel better about it!  Off to do Christmas gift embroidery and up after that...panties, panties, and more panties!


  1. Pretty dress and used that same fabric years ago for a dress too.

  2. This is a very pretty dress and who cares if you made it before...It's a nice one worth making over and over!