Thursday, September 10, 2015

Thursday Thoughts 9/10/2015

I haven't posted any Thursday Thoughts for a while.

  • My sewing room is a mess.
  • I think a tornado hit it.
  • My cutting table is covered with all kinds of crap! From here I can see a male Bratz doll, a skipper doll, a Barbie horse, a pair of shoes, plastic bags fabric and fabric scraps. 
  • I'll have to remedy the above situation before I can sew.
  • I finished some alterations that have been hanging on the back of my sewing chair all summer.
  • Another sewing chair is piled high with two pairs of pants I made early in the summer, a sweatshirt, a polo shirt, and fabric.
  • I'm currently using my backup machine because I have lots of feet for it and I was using some of the one's I really love like the ruffler foot.
  • My main machine is sitting on the floor and needs to go to the repair shop for a tune-up.
  • My dog is passed out in the middle of the floor of my sewing room.
  • My sewing desk is also a mess.
  • I just need to clean everything in my sewing room.
  • Are you watching Project Runway?
  • I'm rooting for Edmond, Ashley and the Indian guy.
  • I need a white button-done.
  • I'm having a great time designing and sewing for my Barbie dolls.
  • I'm hungry.
  • I don't want to cook!

I was recently inspired by an outfit Erica Bunker made. I knocked-off the look for one of my dolls. Who wore it best? Erica of course but the doll dress is still cute. LOL


  1. Good to hear from you. I think that tornado hit the southern hemisphere too 'cause my sewing room is like that too. I quarter tidied last night but need to sort winter fabric out and summer fabric in!

  2. Welcome back! I was wondering what happened to you. Barbie looks great in her EB look-alike ensemble. My sewing room is starting to look like a tornado too. I swore the last time I cleaned it, I would stay on top of things, but life happens.

  3. I'm always hungry! LOL! Yes I would never missed an episode of Project Runway! Right now I am rooting for Edmond, Ashley and Swapnil (The Indian guy). So far there have been some great designs coming out of this season and a lot less drama, thank goodness!

  4. Hi KMQ,

    I nominated your blog for the Liebster Award. You can view the post here.