Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Another Hack Job

I've decided to not wait until an hour or two before golf for my next golf outfit. I'm using Simplicity 2403 bodice A without the ruffle and sleeve.

The bodice will be white while the skirt, collar and button band will be red. Of course I have a two tone red and white shoe to match.

I've already spent time adjusting the bodice and had to do quite a bit of hacking of the bodice pieces. Before beginning any pattern alterations, all of the necessary tools should be assembled in advance. The tools include straight edge ruler, french curve, colored markers, tissue paper, and tape.

The alterations include a 1" FBA, lowered bust point 1", lengthened bodice and button band  2 1/2" and added 1" in case side seams. I also added at the armhole curve for some additional underarm coverage. For the skirt front I have to add the 1" of width to accommodate the FBA and 1" in case side seams. Wish me luck I'll post pictures of the finished dress tomorrow!


  1. What a hack, can't wait to see the finished results - sounds like it's going to be rather cute!

  2. This is going to be a super cute outfit. Have you thought of producing a line of golf clothes? I think it might be a hit!

  3. I love that you sew the outfit to match the shoes! Clever girl!

  4. Good luck! I just hacked up a darted bodice and am pretty pleased with the first muslin. Can't wait to see the look.

  5. lol you sound like me, I don't think there's been a pattern yet that I haven't had to hack to death resulting in custom made by the time it's all over lol! I love red so I already know it's going to be fantastic! can't wait to see it!