Friday, March 14, 2014

No Sewing Here

That's right. There was no sewing this week. I'm trying to work out how I will place the pattern on fabric for a fitted blouse. I haven't quite worked it out like I want so I put it away and am working on a denim trench coat for Spring.

Barbie of the week

This Barbie has not been renamed but she's wearing her giraffe print 3/4 sleeve coat with attached scarf. The pattern is Simplicity 5785. The fabric is a fat quarter of quilting cotton. I made her earrings and necklace also. Recently people have been asking why I don't just buy the clothes. Actually Barbie clothes are so expensive but the quality of the fabric and the workmanship leaves a lot to be desired. As long as I'm in the mood, I'll continue to make my on doll clothes. When I no longer have the desire, I pack all the dolls back into the "Barbie Vault" the they'll have to be happy with what they have! Sew far you've seen 14 different Barbies. Have you been counting?


  1. I'm loving the Barbies and their couture. You're creating clothing for them that will never be seen in any toy store. Your Barbies represent well. Can't wait to see your denim coat!

  2. Forget Barbie, I WANT that coat!!!!!! My brother gave me a vintage Barbie, Midge and Skipper. I just may make them a little wardrobe. I want to re-do my studio and I think the trio would be fun to display on a shelf. You're always an inspiration!