Sunday, November 17, 2013

Faux leather and houndstooth

It's seems faux leather and houndstooth are all the rage this season. I've always been a houndstooth fan and leather never goes out of style. I scored 3 yards of stretch pleather from Haberman fabrics at American Sewing Expo in September. I'm not sure what I'll use the rest of it for but added it to McCalls 6566 and came up with this great faux-sweatshirt top. The pleather and ponte de roma were the perfect mix.

I paired this top with an absolutely fabulous ponte de roma that I picked up in Minnesota last month. It is the best looking PDR I've ever seen. It washes up nicely and has great recovery. No worries about my skirt getting "butt-sprung" from sitting. Click here for the instruction on how to make the skirt.

Now I'm off to work on my next project and "yes," it does involve using black fabric!


  1. What a cute outfit! And I've noticed I'm sewing a lot of black fabric this season too.

  2. Thanks Carolyn. I've always like black but now I seem to be having a love affair with it!

  3. How stylish and smart this combo looks ~ I'm also a houndstooth fan and just love your skirt ... J

  4. I bet there are people who come to church just to see what you are wearing. If I lived closer, I would!!!!

  5. I love it! Leather and houndstooth are completely fab.

  6. It was you who took the last of the faux leather! Grr...

    What a great look. Leather and houndstooth play nicely together.