Monday, October 21, 2013

Machine Knitting Monday - Boiled Wool

Here I am back with another machine knitting post. Today's project is another cut-n-sew garment. Cut-n-Sew has been coined in the machine knitting world to mean "machine knitted piece, cut with scissors and sewn together on the sewing machine." CNS is a longstanding taboo to most knitters, but not to me! The jacket below started out as coned yarn. I knitted a swatch which I shrank in hot water in the washing machine and dryer and obtained the gauge. I then knit the pieces according to my swatch. After shrinking all the knit fabric, I cut the pieces. After I'd cut and sew the jacket together, I realized I didn't like it and decided to refashion it.

 I started with 100% Aran wool yarn.

Knit the pieces on the knitting machine. Wash in hot water to "boil."

Cut, interfaced and sewed.


Using Simplicity 2284. See you back next week for the final reveal!


  1. So interesting. Can't wait to see.

  2. Oh that is gorgeous. I agree entirely with you,.CNS is a good,.very good technique.

  3. Love the jacket already.....looks a little on the Chanel side...very classy.

  4. What a neat concept! I can't wait to see the final too!