Monday, June 17, 2013

In case you're interested

Did you notice how well my maxis from the previous post fit in the bust? That was no accident. I didn't fit the pattern to my actual person, but rather to my duct tape dressform.

Made entirely by my husband and I, it is a wonderful tool that I use often. Never dispute the usefulness of these "homemade" wonders. Below is the altered maxi bodice.

I started by adding a horizontal bust dart and rotated it to the bodice waist. Extra length was added from the side seam to dart bottom. I omitted the dart and used gathers instead. You can also see the 3/4" I raised the underarm. Look mom, no excess underarm skin or flab showing!

The skirt was cut with the length-wise grain, the bodice was turned and cut on the cross grain. Because the fabric is 4-way stretch it was easy peasy.


  1. Your dressform is fantastic - I love that it is silver as it makes it look like art (which it is!) and I wish I had someone to help me make my own too! How helpful.

  2. One day I need to find someone to tape me up. Having a dress form that looks like me would be ideal.

    1. I hope you find someone Faye as it's so worth it. I love my duct tape dress form (Elle) and now that I have her I can't live n sew without her LOL

  3. Loving your dress form... she's silver just like mine. Oh by the way I'm also loving your dress and the colours in the print :)