Thursday, January 31, 2013

Bra making video post

There is a bra sew along going on over the net that is ending today. After watching "Double Divas" on TLC channel, I was inspired to get out my bra making supplies and give it a go.

Here's a couple of photos of areas I had to pick apart and re-sew. 

 Sometimes it' doesn't pay to watch television and sew!

With patience and perseverance you can usually get it right! Thanks for watching.


  1. I was supposed to do a bra with the sew along. Life happens. I'm still going to do it! Thanks for the inspiration!! Your bra looks great!

  2. I made two tester bras using Pin Up Girls Classic bra pattern. It seems to fit me better than the bra I made at the bra making class I took and it also fits better than the Dangelz bra pattern I used in the past. It's still not perfect but the sew along was very helpful.

  3. Thanks for making the videos. I like watching and listening to them. So personal!
    This bra looks great. I wish you success in fitting it even better!

  4. Another great video. Keep them coming.

  5. Very useful and informative video, thank you! I love the colour of this bra, too. I'm dancing around the idea of trying bra making so it's really useful to hear your experience.

  6. Loved your video and honest opinion about the bra you made. I have been thinking about venturing into making my own as well. Thanks for the info and look forward to searching your blog for more posts on your bra making adventures. :-D