Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Boot Refashion

I'm not sure whether internet sewing friends are good for you or bad. Sometimes that put all kinds of ideas in your head the may or may not get you in trouble! Faye and I were having a discussion about boots. Here problem is that the calves on boots are ALWAYS usually too big but on me they are ALWAYS too small. A while back she sewed a pair up to make them smaller. That got me to thinking. I'd purchased a pair of wide calf boots nearly six years ago but the calf was just to wide. I wore them only once and thank goodness I didn't trash 'em.

Last night I dug the boots out of the closet and the "boot refashioning began!"  I want to preface this by saying, "please excuse the crummy pictures." You still get the idea.



I probably could have taken them up a little more but the after is way better than the before. I'll can't wait to wear my "new boots."

This is how I did it.

Step #1
I cut through the inside elastic down the calf

Step #2
I trimmed some of the padding from the calf inside along the part I intended to overlap

Step #3
Using regular sewing thread and whatever needle was already in the sewing machine, I stitched the overlap down switching to a zigzag stitch at the bottom to be sure to catch both sides of the leather.

I guess I can thank Faye for my "new boots!"



  1. That is very kewl! Glad you were able to rescue those boots!

  2. Now if it weren't for your sewing friends, you wouldn't have taken a chance on those boots. See, we're good to have around ;)

  3. I LIKE IT! What a neat idea! Both you and Faye Rock!

  4. Well done! Nothing like a REFASHIONABOO :)

  5. Nice refashion! I have the same problem as you: boots are always too tight around my calves. I finally found a pair of riding boots that did not squeeze the life out of my lower legs. They were $$$, but I love them! I will keep these for a long time.

  6. In the words of the great fashion moguel Tim Gunn, it's so nice to "MAKE IT WORK"! So glad you made it work.

  7. Great job. Thanks for sharing.

  8. How cool is that, I would have never thought to do that. You rock.

  9. What a GREAT idea! I have several pairs of boots that I would love to try this with