Wednesday, January 4, 2012

The year in review - 2011

Now would probably be a good time to review 2011 both sewing and otherwise.
  • It's hard to believe I had three surgeries last year.
  • Two on my knee and one on my breast.
  • I got a new car!
  • Made 16 dresses.
  • I became obessed w/linings.
  • Of the 16 dresses more than half were lined.
  • Made 5 jackets
  • Only lined one.
  • Didn't like one of the jackets.
  • Has a matching dress, didn't love it.
  • If I don't like them next Spring they will be relocated to the local thrift store!
  • Made two tunics...only wore one.
  • I made Vogue 1250 twice and hated it both times.
  • One I re-made into McCalls 6319, the other was remade into Vogue 8685.
  • Great saves.
  • I learned to make bras. Not just any bras but bras that fit me! Yippeeee!
  • I've made 3 so far.
  • I also made panties and have made 6 pairs so far.
  • Only made one pair of slacks. Hmmm. Wonder what was up with that?
  • That was unusual but I know why.
  • The weather was hotter than fish grease all summer.
  • 'Nuf said.
  • I can make an FBA on any style blouse, dress, or jacket.
  • I think I'm a sewing genius!
  • Hands down my favorite pattern of the season was Vogue 1179!
Here are some of my favorite looks from 2011:

Who knows where my sewing will lead me this year. I'll just go with the flow. Thanks for stopping by.


  1. Hmmm - FBAs on any of those items....yup that alone gives you sewing genius status. LOL

  2. Happy New Year! Girl, you are too funny hotter than fish grease. I busted out in laughter while talking to Andrea (Knit-Knac) and read your post to her. Too funny. All in all, you've had a great year. Three surgeries. You are a survivor indeed. Girl, hoping you have a spectacular new year.

  3. I think you're a sewing genius too. Loved those dresses.

  4. Am looking forward to seeing you efforts this year. Sorry you had to be away from your machine, suffering the pangs of surgery. I, too, have made Vogue 1250 several times, and all of them went straight to the thrift-store pile -- where my 21-year-old daughter snatched them out and pronounced them "perfect." So, not a complete waste, after all. Have a happy, happy new year.

  5. You are too funny!! I love the hotter than fish grease comment. I love all of your dresses and I agree Vogue 1179 is a great pattern.