Saturday, July 2, 2011

July 4th Sewcation

Hi all. I don't have any plans for the 4th other than to have a three-day Sewcation! Yay! I'm still working on the Vogue 1250 redo. Would be done had I bothered to follow the instructions :-(  I do hope to finish it later today. I went to JoAnns (no comments from you Carolyn) and picked up a couple of fabrics from the half off clearance rack and I feel a couple of dresses coming on.
While a lot of women seem to have issues going sleeveless and showing their arms, I'm not and have never been one of them. Hell, I got carded at the grocery store earlier. Anyway I am absolutely in love with dresses this summer--not skirts and tops or slacks, just dresses. I'm just going to run with it. I'm also loving belts. The wider the better.
Last week one of my co-workers commented on how nice I looked and said she had never noticed me ever wearing the same outfit twice! Huh! Okay I do have a lot to choose from but I try to rotate what I wear and try to never wear it the same way twice even if it only means changing up the shoes and jewelry. I will say that next to myself, she is the best dressed. There is a dresscode at my job but almost nobody follows it. I see so much cleavage, spandex, too tight everything, unironed, and flip flops that I could scream. You'd almost think I worked at a strip joint. I try to ignore it and lead by example but it doesn't seem to be working could be because the office manager is one of the main culprits! When I mentioned to one young lady that she shouldn't be using profanity, she had the nerve to be insulted. I could go on and on but I'm sure you get the idea. Wasn't I supposed to be talking about the 3-day Sewcation? I'm not sure where that came from but I do feel better now that I've gotten it off my chest.
So in the coming days there is a good chance you'll get to see Vogue
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  • 8632
Stay tuned.
Check out my husband trying to sew. It wasn't pretty


  1. Hope you have a wonderful three days in sewing bliss! You are so right about the way people are dressing down these days. My principal at my school was a very strict dress code enforcer. We'll have a new principal this fall when I go back to fill in for a teacher on maternity leave. It will be interesting to see how it goes under her guidance. I don't go sleeveless just because I have really OLD arms. I would love to be able to go sleeveless though. All the dresses in the stores have no sleeves!!!!

  2. Have fun sewing! I am going to do the same this weekend. And I'm with you on the dropping standards in the workplace. I am constantly horrified at what my co-workers deem "office-appropriate"

  3. Enjoy your sewcation and hoping to get some sewing done during my last 2 days of vacation.

    My vision is constantly compromised by the outfits worn at work... And constantly smdh.

  4. Hope you have a great sewcation! I never really had a problem with office-appropriate outfits.... I was in the Army so we wear only uniforms.... :) But I understand when standards drop!

  5. Seeing your hubby sitting there trying to sew is so awesome and funny at the same time!! Watch out girl...he may turn out to be better than you!! LOL Kiah

  6. Thank you for your sweet comment! You have got to check out my girl over here she did a fabulous maxi with Butterick's 5643. She said she would make me one!! Kiah

  7. LOL! Your hubby looks like he is giving it a good try!! Girl sometimes the way people dress just takes you there! LOL!