Friday, June 10, 2011

Thursday Thoughts

I know, I's Friday but I was thinking about some of this stuff yesterday!
  • I'm wonking on Kwik Sew 2100--a pair of panties. Is there a reason I didn't read the reviews on Pattern Review before I started. Based on my hip size I cut out a size 9. Can I say they are HUGE. I know my butt is on the big side but this size 9 is huge in a way you can even begin to imagine. Also I totally disagree that the instructions are so my opinion they aren't.
  • Alright Style network. Enough Project Runway already!
  • I found fabric in my fabric closet that I didn't even know I had.
  • I can't believe I acutally bought a few yards of fabric today!
  • I lost 1 lb this week.
  • I gained 1.8 lbs last week.
  • You have got to try "Daily's". It's a 10 oz frozen drink with the alcohol already added. Love them
  • Hmmm. Might be where the 1.8lbs came from.
  • How could it be in the 90's Tuesday and Wednesday and not even reach 60 today?
  • I could watch Sling Blade a bajillion times and not get sick of it.
  • When people say I don't act like I'm 53, is that a compliment?
  • I rode my bicycle a couple of miles knee hurts.
  • I wish I could stay awake and watch late night t.v.
  • I'm not good at returning people's phone calls. I just don't like talking on the phone about nothing.
  • I have a class to teach tomorrow at Joann's. Gotta get ready.

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